Senin, 21 Agustus 2017

Our Plan

Azka : Good Morning Dindaaa!
Dinda : Hey Azka, What will you do next holiday?
Azka : I don't know yet... How 'bout you?
Dinda : Me neither! Why don't we go on a holiday together?
Azka : That's a good idea! Where do we gonna go??
Dinda : What about Jakarta?
Azka : Hmm, I just went there last month. What about Bali?
Dinda : OKAY! Let's go this weekend.
Azka : Alright. i'll book the plane tickets rightaway.
Dinda : What will we tell our parents?
Azka : That we need to refresh our minds from studying too much in SMAN 3 Bandung.
Dinda : HAHAH okay. 

Senin, 14 Agustus 2017

My Unpleasant Experience

Hello everyone! 

In this post, i want to share one of my unpleasant experience in life. 

It was February 2014, i was just coming home from my family's trip to Europe. When suddenly i started puking and having a headache. i went straight to the Emergency Room and have a medical checkup such as MRI and lungs X-ray. 

It turns out I have meningitis disease like Olga.

I was hospitalized in Borromeus for a whole month and given a lot of drugs. at some point, i started double visioning, and having the same nightmare everynight. i couldn't think straight and always angry at the nurses and doctors.

My family prayed for me and my friends visited.
I feel so grateful to both of my parent and my brother. they stayed by my side and always pray for my health. If they hadn't been there for me, i didn't think i can go through all that.
My family really take a big part of this experience.

Senin, 07 Agustus 2017


First day of school, in SMAN 3 

Dinda : Hey! What's your name? 
Azka : Hey you, my name is Azka. what's yours?
Dinda : My name is Dinda.
Azka : Well nice to meet you Dinda...
Dinda : Nice to meet you too. What class are you in?
Azka : I'm in class X MIPA 8, How about you?
Dinda : ME TOO!!!
Azka : Really?! Then be my chairmate!
Dinda : I don't want to.
Azka : WHYY :(
Dinda : Just kidding...
Azka : not funny.

In X MIPA 8. 

Azka : How about we get to know each other?
Dinda : Sure! What's your favorite color?
Azka : i love blue.
Dinda : Oh.. So, that's why your bag color is blue!
Azka : Yeah, you were right. What is your favorite color? 
Dinda : Pink. 
Azka : Oh, That's great! What's your favorite food?
Dinda : I don't have any favorite food. How about you?
Azka : I like ice cream.
Dinda : That's Nice.

Senin, 31 Juli 2017

Dinda Maharani Widyaputri

Hello! Welcome to my blog. You can call me Dinda, 

I'm a student from SMAN 3 Bandung. My english teacher asked me and my classmates to write a blog about ourselves. 
My full name is Dinda Maharani Widyaputri. I was born on 11th of July 2002, in Bandung.  

I have a beautiful family. My mom's name is Rostiany Harahap, My dad's name is Widyawardana, and my older brother's name is Ronggur. All of my family is from SMAN 3 too. 

Now, i will describe my physical appearance to you all. i have a black medium length hair, it's so straight but i like to curl the edges. i have a sweet brown skin and a round eyes. i'm a short person. 

My hobbies are listening to music and watch movies. 

Thank You for reading my blog. Byeee ❤❤

Our Plan

Azka : Good Morning Dindaaa! Dinda : Hey Azka, What will you do next holiday? Azka : I don't know yet... How 'bout you? Dinda :...