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Sun flower (Helianthus annuus L.) is one of the flowers from famous type of the Asteraceae , not only it's a beautiful flower it also produces oil. it is usually light orange or yellow with the big flower head (30 centimeter). This flower is a single flower which is formed by hundreds of small flower at the center. The flowers always faces or follow the sun. The French calls it tournesol or the sun follower.   
10 Facts about Sun flower
  1. Sunflower is the only flower with flower in its name!
  2. “Helianthus” is the scientific name of Sunflower, Helia for sun and Anthus for Flower.
  3. Sunflowers are the symbol of faith, loyalty and adoration.
  4. They follow the movement of the sun across the sky from east to west, and this process is known as  heliotropism.
  5. Sunflower oil was able to soften leather, condition hair, wounds, and also used as cooking oil, medicine paint, animal feed and bio-diesel.
  6. Oil of sunflower is rich in minerals like calcium and iron and contains vitamin A and Vitamin D.
  7. Sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine, and is the state flower of  Kansas.
  8. Sunflowers are one of the fastest growing plants and they grow tall. On an average they grow up to 8-12 feet within six months.
  9. The Guinness world record for the tallest sunflower is 25 feet 5 ½ inches, grown by M Heijims in Oirschot, Netherlands in1986.
  10. Sunflower with largest flower head is 32 ¼ inches in diameter (measured from the outer tip of the petal on one side to the outer tip of the petal on the opposite side), was grown by Emily Martin in Maple Ridge, British Columbia,  Canada in 1983.

Life Cycle of Sun flower

Phase 1: Seedling

As with most flowers, the first phase of the sunflower’s life cycle is as a seedling. After about 3 days after the seed is planted into soil, it germinates and the case begins to split as the roots shoot out and push down further into the soil.

Phase 2: Shoot

After roughly about a week, a shoot will sprout out of the soil, reaching slowly for the sun. Shortly after the shoot appears, the leaves will begin slowly opening; the steam and leaves will continue to grow larger and wider as time continues.

Phase 3: Bud

As the seedling continues to grow, eventually, a bud will be noticeable. The bud will begin to slowly unfold as the flower head slowly opens.

Phase 4: Bloom

Finally, as the flower head opens fully, the hypnotizing beauty of the sunflower can be appreciated at its prime.

Phase 5: Wilt

After a long season of beauty and life, the flowers petals will start to wilt. Eventually the whole flower will shrivel, where the seeds will then be released and scatter into the depths of nature.

Phase 6: Regrowth

Once the sunflower seed settles in an ideal spot, the sunflower life cycle will start all over again.

Minggu, 14 Januari 2018

My Last Holiday

Last holiday, i went to New Zealand with my big family consist of twelve people. It was Summer, but the temperature was 5 - 24 celcius.
We flew from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur then to Auckland. We stayed in Auckland for 2 days.  in Auckland we went to Hobbiton. it's a place where 'Lord of The Ring' and 'The Hobbit' movie were filmed. 
After 2 days, we flew to South Island. We rented three campervan. My father and my two uncle drove the campervan.  Inside the campervan we can cook, sleep, and pee. We started our roadtrip from Christchurch. We explore the South Island for ten days. It was exhausting yet beautiful experience. We stopped at every McDonald's we can find, because my mother and my two aunts were too lazy to cook a meal. The town in there was so small, it only have 24 people in it. 
We went to Milford Sound, Lake Tekapo, Lake Pukaki, Mount Cook, etc. I really want to go back there. There's no polution in the air. 

Senin, 21 Agustus 2017

Our Plan

Azka : Good Morning Dindaaa!
Dinda : Hey Azka, What will you do next holiday?
Azka : I don't know yet... How 'bout you?
Dinda : Me neither! Why don't we go on a holiday together?
Azka : That's a good idea! Where do we gonna go??
Dinda : What about Jakarta?
Azka : Hmm, I just went there last month. What about Bali?
Dinda : OKAY! Let's go this weekend.
Azka : Alright. i'll book the plane tickets rightaway.
Dinda : What will we tell our parents?
Azka : That we need to refresh our minds from studying too much in SMAN 3 Bandung.
Dinda : HAHAH okay. 

Senin, 14 Agustus 2017

My Unpleasant Experience

Hello everyone! 

In this post, i want to share one of my unpleasant experience in life. 

It was February 2014, i was just coming home from my family's trip to Europe. When suddenly i started puking and having a headache. i went straight to the Emergency Room and have a medical checkup such as MRI and lungs X-ray. 

It turns out I have meningitis disease like Olga.

I was hospitalized in Borromeus for a whole month and given a lot of drugs. at some point, i started double visioning, and having the same nightmare everynight. i couldn't think straight and always angry at the nurses and doctors.

My family prayed for me and my friends visited.
I feel so grateful to both of my parent and my brother. they stayed by my side and always pray for my health. If they hadn't been there for me, i didn't think i can go through all that.
My family really take a big part of this experience.

Senin, 07 Agustus 2017


First day of school, in SMAN 3 

Dinda : Hey! What's your name? 
Azka : Hey you, my name is Azka. what's yours?
Dinda : My name is Dinda.
Azka : Well nice to meet you Dinda...
Dinda : Nice to meet you too. What class are you in?
Azka : I'm in class X MIPA 8, How about you?
Dinda : ME TOO!!!
Azka : Really?! Then be my chairmate!
Dinda : I don't want to.
Azka : WHYY :(
Dinda : Just kidding...
Azka : not funny.

In X MIPA 8. 

Azka : How about we get to know each other?
Dinda : Sure! What's your favorite color?
Azka : i love blue.
Dinda : Oh.. So, that's why your bag color is blue!
Azka : Yeah, you were right. What is your favorite color? 
Dinda : Pink. 
Azka : Oh, That's great! What's your favorite food?
Dinda : I don't have any favorite food. How about you?
Azka : I like ice cream.
Dinda : That's Nice.

Senin, 31 Juli 2017

Dinda Maharani Widyaputri

Hello! Welcome to my blog. You can call me Dinda, 

I'm a student from SMAN 3 Bandung. My english teacher asked me and my classmates to write a blog about ourselves. 
My full name is Dinda Maharani Widyaputri. I was born on 11th of July 2002, in Bandung.  

I have a beautiful family. My mom's name is Rostiany Harahap, My dad's name is Widyawardana, and my older brother's name is Ronggur. All of my family is from SMAN 3 too. 

Now, i will describe my physical appearance to you all. i have a black medium length hair, it's so straight but i like to curl the edges. i have a sweet brown skin and a round eyes. i'm a short person. 

My hobbies are listening to music and watch movies. 

Thank You for reading my blog. Byeee ❤❤


Sun flower   ( Helianthus annuus  L.) is one of the flowers from famous type of the Asteraceae , not only it's a beautiful flower it al...